Gas stove DS 426


It has entered the market with a very beautiful and stylish design to bring you a new and amazing experience of cooking with this oven. Among the features of this gas stove, we can mention the special design of the steel plate, with a thermal guard to prevent the volumes from getting hot, equipped with a Lorenzo Italy igniter, etc.


  • تست
  • product type : Steel stove
  • نام مدل : DS 426
  • Product type: Steel
  • Main product features: 4 steel flames with metal volume
  • Product dimensions: 51 x 60 cm
  • Cutting dimensions: 50 x 58.5 cm
  • Manuals : has it
  • Warranty card: has it
  • Cutting pattern: does not have
  • packing : Shredded carton
  • Power plug: has it
  • Cabinet fasteners: Four numbers
  • Strip foam: has it
  • Packing foam: has it
  • Number of flames: 4
  • Placement of Rice Bowls: next to the
  • Equipped with super fast thermocouple valve (Top Time): has it
  • Rice cooker flame power: 3.58 kW
  • Large flame power: 2.75 kW
  • Average flame power: 1.62 kW
  • Small flame power: 9.8
  • SABAF Italy: does not have
  • Energy consumption category A
  • Metal volume Zamak coating
  • Super fast electric lighter (automatic) has it
  • Automotive galvanized panel 0.7 mm thickness
  • Flame with gas equipment 4 flames
  • Scratched stainless steel 0.8 mm thickness
  • packing ORKLI Spain milk bobbin with sheeting carton
  • Glazed cast iron grill 2 unique pieces
  • The type of flames Aluminum and enameled iron

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